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Fine and ultra-fine strands, ropes, and cables are solutions for many different applications and areas of use in innumerable industries, including the automotive industry, medical technology, weaving mills, all kinds of vehicles, aerospace, jewellery and shading, architecture, heating and measuring technology, shipbuilding, agricultural machinery, and even in art … In short: in all areas where durability, precision, and reliability, strength, flexibility, and defined elongation are essential.

Ropes and cables are usually subject to heavy loads. Optimal solutions are, therefore, characterised by high quality – and we at MCT consider ourselves a quality leader in Germany in this area. Our products are twist-free, rust-free, acid-resistant, UV-resistant, heat-resistant, non-magnetic, flexible, chlorine-resistant, seawater-resistant, decorative, biocompatible, and more, depending on the need at hand. All of these are characteristics of a quality that we strive for from customer-specific development to high-quality manufacturing “made in Germany” to reliable, fast provision.

Put your trust in us: We will live up to our promise.



A head start by experience

as we have always offered

Our company’s history started out with hand-drawn wires more than 130 years ago. The quality of its products allowed the company to grow, to become an established partner of world-renowned Thyssen Group, and to make a name for itself in the trade under the name of “bedea Berkenhoff & Drebes”.

MCT is excellently positioned today as a competent know-how leader in all of its fields thanks to this long and comprehensive experience, as well as its close development partnerships with customers in a wide range of fields – and more determined than ever to help shape the future.

We have proven our reliability time and again, in particular in our cooperation with weaving mills but also through our work in the field of medical technology, which demands highest precision and product safety, or in the field of mobility, where we have always been able to cover the varied requirements from bicycles to cars and buses to train traffic in the many decades of our company’s history thanks to our products’ high adaptability.

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