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MCT as a partner of your weaving mill:
Industry knowledge. Experience. Quality.


Working closely with our customers is one of MCT’s core principles. We have been supplying producers in a wide range of industries with high-quality, reliable strands, ropes, and cables fully customised for their specific purposes; our reliability and the quality of our work have earned us a market-leading position in our field for decades. This surely also is due to our frequent contributions to further improving our customers’ products.

Our decades-long cooperation with weaving mills, which we serve as a supplier of ropes and yarns perfectly tailored to their projects, is an excellent example of what can be created from our “fabrics” expertise in combination with special industry know-how: In this case, our specialists’ work brought about the development and production of various state-of-the-art special products. Good ingredients just make an optimal product!


Our trumps for suppliers:
Reliability. Security. Partnership.


Safety and reliability have always been top priorities for us. This applies not only to the strands, ropes, and cables from our production, but also to communication and cooperation with our customers.

We are proud to be able to offer you an all-round complete package that leaves nothing to be desired: All weaving strand properties can be customised to your needs. We will involve you in the process at all times and ensure that everything is to your satisfaction at every point, from consultation and development of a rope or yarn, to production and thorough testing of your product, to timely delivery and follow-up support available at any time.


We deliver what you need:
Screens. Filter. Ideas.

Weaving mills that choose to work with us benefit from joint projects in several ways.

This enables us to also supply a strand or rope for you to further process into high-quality screens, filters, and conveyor belts of the most diverse types and function. We can also produce strands and ropes for production of metal filter cloth for precise filtration in a vast range of applications. We will focus entirely on your requirements – if you do not find the right product for your purposes in our extensive standard range, we will develop a fully bespoke product for you, manufactured in accordance with your ideas down to the smallest detail.



A glimpse into the future of your weaving mill?
Innovation. Head start. Success.

Benefit from the experience and expertise of our employees, developed in decades of work in the industry, in every single project. The technical diversity and bandwidth of our machinery is also at your disposal, allowing us to meet all of your requirements for strands, ropes, and cables. Comprehensive testing and monitoring procedures integrated into the process (both by our own facilities and by accredited testing companies) guarantee the highest quality and absolute reliability of our products. We will be by your side at all times throughout the process, on schedule, and always available.

We offer a reliable partnership and decades of experience, both in working with companies in the industry and in producing high-quality, fully customisable products of all kinds, to all weaving mills looking for a reliable developer and/or producer. We deliver our best from consultation and development to well beyond completion to let you make your best of it in turn.


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