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Many years of work in the three areas where our products see the most use – medical technology, mobility, and work with weaving mills – require constant further development and diversification in order to always be able to deliver the excellent quality for which we are known today. We are now able to work in a wide range of areas beyond these sectors and can develop, produce, and supply perfect ropes and cables for any need with the technical know-how gained from long experience and countless challenges mastered.



Lighting and event technology

You light up the dark – we make sure your lights are suspended securely. Our ropes can hold anything from small living-room lamps to spotlights that light up entire stages and halls. Lamps can be suspended and supplied with power at the same time with our hybrid cables.
In fact, they can do even more: Ropes and cables of all kinds have a firm place in the world of event technology, from protection to barriers, be it at a festival, stage show, or company party. The competence and quality of our products help every event be successful.

Background: Strands, ropes, and cables in lighting and event technology

Our high-quality cables and strands often cannot be used as they are: Their ends must first be prepared for connection – i.e., applied with various holding, tensioning, securing, or similar elements. This process is called assembly.

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Leisure and sports equipment

The diverse world of leisure technology is also growing safer and more reliable with ropes from our production from the finest ropes for quality-oriented model making to the ropes in gym equipment. Our product range and our employees’ technical know-how allow us to reliably meet the special challenges of your areas of application quickly and in a solution-oriented manner to satisfy any requirements in terms of fitness equipment & co.


Heating technology

Anyone working in heating technology will also benefit from investing in the quality of our strands, ropes, and cables. Areas of application include electric heaters, wall heaters, and electric underfloor heaters, as well as sling ropes or bracings for free-standing chimneys. We work hand in hand with our professional customers to identify and meet any requirements placed on our products.



Ropes have always been important in shipping. Today’s shipping industry has long ceased to use them only in the rigging of sailboats and is applying them in a wide variety of tasks on board of many different types of ships. Excellent quality and perfect reliability are vital for ropes and cables that need to withstand not only the high seas and heavy waves but also corrosion from salt water – they must be seawater resistant and acid resistant. Our products guarantee both of these things.



Not only excellent quality and acid-resistance – but also an elegant, precious appearance – distinguishes our fine and ultra-fine ropes in particular. Processed into jewellery, they add durability, stability, and first and foremost a long service life that underlines its value. In addition to stainless steel, we also process a wide variety of metals, such as gold, silver. or platinum, to adapt our products – e.g., as jewellery wire or as stringing wire for jewellery elements – perfectly to any design.


Shading and sunshades

A good sunshade must not only be able to withstand the sun, but also to withstand wind and weather. The shading system is hanging by a wire rope instead of by a thread, fastened securely with ropes from our manufacture even when the wind picks up. Therefore, invest in quality, durability, and ropes entirely in accordance with your ideas to make sure that your products can withstand any weather – among other things with guy ropes for awnings, guide ropes for external blinds, tensioning ropes for pleated blinds, awning ropes, or ropes for conservatory shading …


Optical equipment industry

Small parts in high-quality – The finest ropes with diameters that are just fractions of a millimetre are irreplaceable and, therefore, part of our range in the optical equipment industry as a matter of course. Many years of experience in areas such as medical technology, where precise and high-quality work is absolutely vital, are put to good use in this field as well. This allows us to guarantee high quality even in our tiniest ropes.


A good, reliable fishing leader must be able to withstand a lot of force to land a truly big catch. You are well advised to choose a high-quality, resistant, matt, brownish, and non-glossy MCT strand on your fishing rod! Equipped with our rope technology, the ambitious angler can take on any size of fish – at least a snapped leader will never deprive your customers of their success again.


Background: Fishing leaders

The leader is the last piece of the fishing line, between the baited hook and the main line. It must meet some special conditions – for example, it has to prevent the line being bitten through, while also being thin enough to not raise suspicion in cautious fish. This is why steel leaders are used traditionally. Some uses and locations even require them.

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Office equipment

Rope and cable technology is needed everywhere and has even penetrated the depths of the office world. Printers, plotters, copying machines, and many other central components of the office equipment industry contain very fine ropes for important tasks required every day in their drive elements. This is why they must be reliable at all times – our products ensure reliability, durability, and quality of the machines that are so essential to everyday office life.


A good foundation is not the only important thing in the world of architecture: Building quality is also measured by the quality of the materials it is made of. From reliable coverings and brackets to high-quality design elements, our ropes and cables not only find their place on bridges and exterior facades but can also perform many other tasks in construction. They can be functional and decorative, depending on the needs at hand: in garage door drives and shading systems, as barrier ropes and fall protection, as awning and hitching ropes, as decorative nets and property boundaries, as tensioning ropes for pleated blinds, guide ropes for external blinds, or guy ropes for sunshades… They hold, secure, connect, separate, mark, or decorate … The high adaptability of our products and the breadth of our range guarantee that we also have the rope to match your construction project.



Higher and higher – if you want to rise into lofty heights or even into space, you will need equipment that you can rely on even in such extreme environments. We design our products to meet such challenges. We contribute not only to a powerful take-off, but first and foremost all to a safe landing!

The vast variety of areas in which our products can be used is the result of our experience, the wide range of available technology and machines, and a constantly high quality standard that we and our work are subject to. We are always ready to develop the right rope for every customer even beyond these areas – just contact us with your ideas.


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