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Always in motion:
mobility and beyond.

Just like the area of medical technology, mobility & movement is another focus of our work as one of the company’s central pillars. We have been manufacturing high-quality strands, ropes, and cables for use in and around cars, buses, trains, and many other vehicles for many years. This enables us to provide our customers with products perfectly tailored to their needs, with an outstanding quality borne from years of experience as well as constant innovation and further development of our techniques and production facilities. Your task is in the best hands with us: There is a good reason why we have become a market leader in this field.


Our products and processes
are always up to date

Mobility – the ability to move people and products quickly and efficiently from one place to another – has always been a matter that preoccupies people and drives them to innovate. In fact, it has driven technical progress more than anything else.

This remains an important, and above all incredibly diverse, field just as it has always been, encompassing every facet from small journeys by bicycle to travels to the other side of the world by aeroplane; this is a field that is ever-growing in scope and complexity, too. Our means of transport are also becoming more diverse and the demands on manufacturers keep growing in our ever-changing world. We face them not only with a wide range of reliable, first-class products, but also with the ability to adapt to new circumstances and develop perfect products for you at all times. This results in a broad range of diverse applications from window lifters, seat belt tensioners, bonnet and door lock releases to shift cables, actuating cables, winch drag cables, and even sunroof mechanisms.


The optimal solutions
for virtually any means of transport

We feel at home with virtually any means of transport since ropes and strands from our production can be used in many points of this wide and varied field. While we have long made a name for ourselves in the automotive sector thanks to the reliability and quality of our spiral and stranded ropes for a large range of operating hoists, our range does not end there: Bicycle, cargo bike, and e-bike manufacturers also benefit from using our products configured specifically for them.

We are not limited to the streets: We can also supply the right strand or rope and the optimal cable for aerospace and even aeronautical applications.

We always cooperate closely with our customers to develop products that meet all requirements. We design our ropes to your precise specifications – including (to name just a small selection) a custom configuration in accordance with breaking load, elongation, corrosion and DC resistance, low-twist and low-stress versions, and with the choice of a suitable sheathing as well as the appropriate processing steps. This helps you make your vehicles – no matter what kind – even safer and more durable.

Only high-quality components make a great product in the end!


Integrated in every solution:
know-how and technical advantage

The versatility and adaptability of our ropes comes from the many factors that make MCT a market leader today. This includes our employees with their extensive expertise, which is constantly growing and benefiting more customers with the help of our continuing education and training programmes, as well as the many years of experience we have gained as a company in this area.

Our production facilities equipped with special machines that permit production of virtually any desired rope also contribute to our success, as do the technologies practically developed by us and our constant striving for innovation and further development.


Mobility needs quality …
and always a goal!

You can always rely on the quality of our products since we have comprehensive plans and procedures integrated into the process to closely check and always monitor every aspect at every stage of the production process. Our production site is equipped with all facilities necessary for this, including, among other things, tensile testing machines, video extensometers, or bending change testing equipment.

We cooperate with accredited testing institutes for all tests that we cannot perform in-house. This is how we ensure that we can always meet not only your demands, but also our own.

Technology to make people mobile must be reliable. We are aware of this. That is why we strive not only to provide our customers with the best products in accordance with their precise specifications, but also to constantly develop our technologies, processes, and products and to remain innovative at all times. We are always on the move.



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