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Solutions beyond the rope:
assembly et al.


Everything at MCT revolves around strands, ropes, and cables – our goal is to create a solution for our customers that is perfectly suited to their particular products. That is why we also offer fully customised ropes to supplement our extensive catalogue of standard products. Length, thickness, material, elongation, and sheathing are just some of the factors we use to configure your rope, cable, and/or wire and tailor it precisely to your needs.

Our work goes far beyond the end of the rope. Our services include assembly of the products manufactured for you, i.e., fitting of the rope, cable, and wire ends with terminations of many different designs and functions. This additional service for the ropes we produce not only saves you effort and time that would be lost in transporting them to further processors, but also lets you benefit from the top quality of our work as well as our expertise from comprehensive experience with processes and technologies that have proven themselves over years of use.


Background: Cable and rope assembly & co

Our high-quality cables, ropes, and strands often cannot be used as they are: Their ends must first be prepared for connection – i.e., applied with various holding, tensioning, securing, or similar elements. This process is called assembly.

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Innovative development
in close cooperation with our customers

You know best what you need specifically. That is why will cooperate closely with you in development of your rope or cable system, adapting every detail to the required application factors of your products. Our specialists will provide you with their expertise in intensive consultations and work with you to determine the rope and rope end connection, the end terminal or other component that best meet your needs. Even the individual building blocks of the above categories can be selected and assembled for your purposes.


Variety of applications –
(also) thanks to assembly


Assembly of our ropes in combination with the many options for tailoring the ropes as such are the reason why our products fit so perfectly into so many industries. In medical technology, where MCT has been firmly established for many years, we manufacture and assemble ropes and cables for the production of catheters, surgical sutures, or pacemaker electrodes, among other things. Specially developed products from our company are also found as an integral part of many automotive models as well as in bicycles or trains – with possible applications extending far beyond the road and right into aerospace.

Medical technology and mobility are our main pillars; the versatility of our products does not end there, however. In particular since our strands, ropes, and cables can be assembled fully customised, they have also found their place in many other areas of application, including the jewellery industry, for which we produce solutions made of selected precious materials such as gold or stainless steel with a particularly elegant look. We can serve many different sectors of the leisure industry – also thanks to our fabrication possibilities – as well as, for example, manufacturers of shading systems, heating or lighting technology, or companies hailing from shipbuilding. There is no end to the options – no matter what you want your rope to look like, we’ll be happy to create it for you.


The entire production process
under a single roof

The ropes and assemblies we design for you owe their versatility and quality to the comprehensive equipment of our production facilities, which have grown steadily over the decades of the company’s history. Our technical equipment also includes many (and always new) special machines, developed and built by us together with the machine manufacturers and entirely based on our needs.

In addition to machines in production and manufacturing, we also have all equipment necessary to subject our products to comprehensive testing and quality assurance procedures and to always be able to guarantee their durability and reliability. We cooperate with accredited testing facilities for testing that we cannot perform in-house.

No matter what kind of strand, rope, or cable and what kind of assembly you need for what purpose – we are happy to work with you: from professional advice fully geared to your needs, to production of your products and their assembly from a single source, to reliable, on-time delivery and our after-sales service that will be available to you at all times. In other words: MCT lets you book an all-round package to save you time as well as nerves and, of course, money, if you like. You can always rely on our services – just like on our ropes.


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