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Where safety is vital:
medical technology

MCT is short for “medical cable Tec”. We have chosen this name with good reason: For decades, we have been dedicated to the development and production of medical cables and ropes of the highest quality, making us a leading company in a field that is equally important and complex.

Our company combines special manufacturing methods and equipment, integrated measuring and testing procedures as well as specialist knowledge and expertise gained in decades of experience to produce those products for whose reliability and quality we are known today.


Our offer to you:
Our product ranges

We primarily supply low-twist and low-stress strands with cleaned, high-gloss, and uniform surface finishes in the medical technology sector. We manufacture most of our medical products with insulation of biocompatible materials and integrate all functions relevant for the respective task – for example, the matching DC resistance for cables used in the manufacture of pacemaker electrodes.

Have a look at the data compiled for you in the “Technology” category, including some individual parameters on diameter, strength, or breaking force, or feel free to contact us at any time if you wish to learn more about the types and modifications that we can provide!


What distinguishes our products:

highest quality and safety

There is hardly any other field that requires absolute precision, extreme care and, above all, seamless quality to the same degree as medicine does. This applies not only to the work of doctors and nurses, but also and particularly to the manufacture of the products on which they have to rely in their daily work and on which not only the health, but often also the lives of their patients depend.

We are aware of this responsibility. As a result, we place the highest demands on the quality and safety of our products to always guarantee it not only through procedures integrated into the production process, but also through external inspection and certification of our products, constant innovation, and further development.


Your advantage with MCT:

development and production

We equally meet the countless challenges that arise in development and production of top medical technology. The demands placed on medical products and the stresses they have to withstand are diverse and extensive: Requirements do not end with absolute reliability. Cables, ropes, and wires must equally withstand handling by doctors, nurses, and, of course, the patients themselves; they must be produced, packed, and delivered in compliance with strict hygiene regulations.

We perform these tasks not only with our experience and the comprehensive expertise of our specialists, but also with the extensive equipment of our production facilities. They enable us to produce highly specialised ropes and strands configured to meet any requirement. Special production areas with particularly strict hygiene regulations also enable us to guarantee the necessary purity of our products. We offer tried and tested products and state-of-the-art technologies that have emerged from constant innovation and practical development.


The higher the requirement,

the more MCT


Our technology is going to save lives – be it as catheters, surgical sutures, pacemaker electrodes, or other units. As a result, we always put safety first. The medical field is, of course, far larger, more complicated, and more challenging than this short text could convey. It also keeps growing and evolving. Please contact us at any time to request specific and more detailed technical information!

We are at your side as a reliable, competent partner to provide you with exactly what you need to ensure the safety of your products in this field today, following decades of experience in this very area. Anyone who chooses us, chooses an all-round service that begins long before production and does not end until well after the delivery of our products. We develop our ropes and cables in a practical method developed from many years of experience and expertise. They are tailored precisely to your functional as well as decorative needs, manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities subject to constant observation and quality control, and delivered on schedule. After-sales service that is accessible at all times and the guarantee that manufacturer and material data can be traced back for years to come are included in all products. In other words: You are looking for security – we will deliver it.


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